This program turns images into their ASCII art equivalents. Just enter the URL of an image file into the text field, and hit ENTER or the GO! button, and your image will load into the window on the right. Once the image is loaded, you can click the "To ASCII" button to turn the image into ASCII text in the main text area. You can also drag the image around in the window on the right, but it doesn't really do anything useful. The X Ratio and Y Ratio fields are for scaling the ASCII image. Ratios of 1/1 mean that there is one character per pixel, and ratios that are smaller than 1/1 will shrink the image in that dimension by the given factor. You cannot enter a ratio larger than 1/1, but you can enter any other positive rational number (in general, you will want the Y Ratio to be less than 1/1 because ASCII characters are taller than they are wide). The Delete button will clear the image in the right window. You can also clear the image in the right window by just entering another URL in the bottom text field and loading that image up, so the Delete button really isn't necessary at all, unless you just need the right window to be empty for some reason. I was going to make this program pop up a new browser window with the ASCII text each time you clicked "To ASCII", but that would require making the Applet interact with Javascript, and I didn't wanna.