In this game you are dealt 5 cards from the deck and you use them to cover up squares on the game board with your tiles (black). You try to get runs of 5 of your tiles in a row, and if you get 3 such runs then you win the game. Gameplay progresses by playing a card, placing/removing the appropriate tiles from the board, and then drawing a new card. After each of your plays the computer will play, using his tiles (red). If you play a card that is not a Jack, you must then place one of your tiles on the board on a square that corresponds to the card you picked. If you play a Jack, then you can do one of 2 things:
1) You can place a tile on any unused square on the board.
2) You can remove one of the computer's tiles that has not been frozen.
If you make a run of 5 tiles in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), then those tiles form a sequence and the tiles in that sequence are frozen. This means that they cannot be removed by your opponent playing a Jack. While forming a sequence requires 5 tiles in a row, no sequence can intersect another already-formed sequence by more than 1 tile. It may intersect multiple other sequences, but it can have at most one tile from any other sequence in itself.