I'm a 4th-year PhD student at UC San Diego, co-advised by Nadia Polikarpova and Sorin Lerner, and studying PL/HCI with the Programming Systems group.

I'm currently working on program synthesis, with a particular focus on synthesis of interactive web programs. In addition, I'm also interested in interactive synthesis, diagrams, constraint systems, functional reactive programming, program semantics, and interpreters and compilers

Prior to UCSD, I obtained a BS in Computer Science/Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.

My email address is jsarraci@cs.ucsd.edu and I attempt to answer promptly.

Outside of research, I work with a digital dental laboratory, listen to loud music, lift weights, look at beaches, and eat food.

Conference Publications

User-Guided Synthesis of Interactive Diagrams.

John Sarracino, Odaris Barrios-Arciga, Jasmine Zhu, Noah Marcus, Sorin Lerner, Ben Wiedermann. CHI '17. pdf, website, slides

Interactive Parser Synthesis by Example.

Alan Leung, John Sarracino, Sorin Lerner. PLDI '15. pdf, website

JSAI: A Static Analysis Platform for JavaScript.

Vineeth Kashyap, Kyle Dewey, Ethan A. Kuefner, John Wagner, Kevin Gibbons, John Sarracino, Ben Wiedermann, Ben Hardekopf. FSE '14. pdf

Workshop Publications

Chihuahua: A Concurrent, Moving, Garbage Collector using Transactional Memory.

Todd Anderson, Melissa O'Neil, John Sarracino. TRANSACT '15. pdf

Type Refinement for Static Analysis of JavaScript.

Vineeth Kashyap, John Sarracino, John Wagner, Ben Wiedermann, Ben Hardekopf. DLS '13. pdf