Panagiotis Vekris

Graduate Student Researcher
Department of Computer Science
University of California, San Diego

About [CV]

I am a fifth year PhD student, advised by Ranjit Jhala.
My research interests are in Programming Languages, Program Analysis, Verification and Type Systems.


PLDI'16 Refinement Types for TypeScript
Panagiotis Vekris, Benjamin Cosman, Ranjit Jhala
[ arXiv | github | demo | Talk: pptx pdf ]
ECOOP'15 Trust, but Verify: Two-Phase Typing for Dynamic Languages
Panagiotis Vekris, Benjamin Cosman, Ranjit Jhala
[ extended | Talk: pptx pdf ]
POPL'15 Safe & Efficient Gradual Typing for TypeScript
Aseem Rastogi, Nikhil Swamy, Cédric Fournet, Gavin Bierman, Panagiotis Vekris
[ Technical Report | demo ]
HotPower'12 Towards Verifying Android Apps for the Absence of No-Sleep Energy Bugs
Panagiotis Vekris, Ranjit Jhala, Sorin Lerner, Yuvraj Agarwal
[ github ]
PLOS'11 Dynamic Deadlock Avoidance in Systems Code Using Statically Inferred Effects
Prodromos Gerakios, Nikolaos Papaspyrou, Konstantinos Sagonas, Panagiotis Vekris