PhD Student
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, San Diego

Email : nvazou at
Office : EBU3B 3260
Curriculum Vitae

In the Job Market!

I am looking for a faculty position with research goal to build usable program verifiers that will make program verification an integral part of the standard software development chain.

Statements: research, teaching, and diversity.


05/02/16: Presenting LiquidHaskell at compose.conference slides


I am a 5th year PhD student in Programming Systems group of UCSD, supervised by Ranjit Jhala. My research interests include static program verification and type systems. I am working on LiquidHaskell, a static verifier for Haskell based on Liquid Types.


From Monads to Effects and Back (PADL 2016) pdf

with Daan Leijen

Bounded Refinement Types (ICFP 2015) pdf slides(pdf, key)

with Alexander Bakst, and Ranjit Jhala

Type Targeted Testing (ESOP 2015) pdf

with Eric L. Seidel, Ranjit Jhala

Refinement Types for Haskell (ICFP 2014) pdf slides(pdf, key) video

with Eric L. Seidel, Ranjit Jhala, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, and Simon Peyton-Jones

LiquidHaskell: Experience with Refinement Types in the Real World (Haskell 2014) pdf

with Eric L. Seidel, and Ranjit Jhala

Abstract Refinement Types (ESOP 2013) pdf slides(pdf, pptx)

with Patric M. Rondon, and Ranjit Jhala

Memory Safety and Race Freedom in Concurrent Programming with Linear Capabilities (FedCSIS 2011) pdf

with Michalis Papakyriakou, and Nikolaos Papaspyrou




Microsoft Research Graduate Research Fellowship (2014)

UCSD CSE Graduate Award for Research (2015)


LiquidHaskell (compose '16) html

LiquidHaskell Tutorial (CUFP '15) html

Bounded Refinement Types (SOCAL '15) pdf

Monadic User-Defined Effects in Koka (MSR Redmond, Summer14) html

Tutorial on LiquidHaskell html

Liquid Types for Haskell (PL-Seminar at NTUA 2013) html

Demo: Liquid Types for Haskell (Haskell 2013) html

Tutorial: Type-Based Analysis of Higher-Order Programs (HOPA 2013) html


Before coming to UCSD, I was in Athens, Greece, where I did my undergrand at ECE of NTUA. While there, I was member of softlab, working under Nikoloas Papaspyrou for my diploma thesis, about Type Systems with Linear Capabilities.